Prof. Dr. H. Burak Gemalmaz

After graduating from Bursa Anatolian High School, Gemalmaz studied at Istanbul University Law Faculty and started to work as a research assistant at the same university after graduating. Gemalmaz won the title of Assistant Professor in 2009, Associate Professor in 2012 and Professor in 2020.
Gemalmaz has been teaching General Public Law and Human Rights Law at the undergraduate level, Protection of Property in ECtHR Decisions at the master’s level and the Effectiveness of Individual Application to the Turkish Constitutional Court at the Ph.D. level at Istanbul University Faculty of Law. Gemalmaz also taught Political Science, Environmental Law, Children’s Rights, European Convention on Human Rights, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Protection of Human Rights in the EU and Turkey and Freedom of Expression in Turkey at different levels at the same faculty. He has given courses on Property Rights under the ECHR and the Turkish Constitution and European Convention on Human Rights in internship training programs at various Bar Associations.

In addition to educational activities for his students, Gemalmaz takes place as an expert and researcher in official projects for judges, prosecutors and lawyers supported by the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Justice and the Bar Association. In this context, he has carried out activities such as training and curriculum development for judges, prosecutors and lawyers on the right to property and respect for private and family life within the framework of “Joint Project on Strengthening the Criminal Justice System and the Capacity of Justice Professionals on Prevention of the European Convention on Human Rights Violations in Turkey”, “Improving the Effectiveness of the Administrative Judiciary and Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Council of State Project” and “Joint Project on Strengthening the Capacity of Bar Associations and Lawyers on European Human Rights Standards”.

Gemalmaz has mainly focused on individual application to the European Court of Human Rights and the Turkish Constitutional Court and property rights. He is the author of the books “The Effectiveness of Individual Application Procedure to the Turkish Constitutional Court”, “Handbook on Right of Property in Individual Application” and “The Right of Property under the European Convention on Human Rights”. His book entitled “The Right of Property under the European Convention on Human Rights” earned him the “Best Young Lawyer of the Year (2008)” award by the Turkish Industrialists and Businessperson Association (TÜSİAD) in 2009. Apart from these, many articles and papers of him on these issues have been published in national and international journals.

Gemalmaz also continues his studies in sports law. His article titled “Applicability of Human Rights Standards in Turkish Football Arbitration: the Contribution of the European Court of Human Rights” was published in the 2019 issue of The International Sports Law Journal, which is one of the most important sports law magazines in the world. He continues to give various courses and seminars on sports law in Kadir Has University Sports Studies Research Centre and Kadir Has University Private Law Graduate Program. Gemalmaz also provides training within the Istanbul Bar Sports Law Commission and engages in various activities, especially conference organizations.
Besides his academic studies, Gemalmaz has also gained vast experience in the practice of his areas of expertise. Professor took part in the Turkish Football Federation Dispute Resolution Committee referee pool between the years 2012-2015. He carries out consultancy activities before national and international judicial bodies and continues to provide training for practitioners in the fields of work. In addition to the expert reports submitted by him at the request of the courts, Gemalmaz presents his written opinions before the courts at the request of the parties.