İ. Andaç Bilgen

Mr. Andaç BİLGEN, Founder Partner of BİLGEN Law Office, having more than 49 years of experience has pursued his legal profession mostly in the areas of maritime law, insurance and international business law.

After having received his LLB degree at Ankara University, Faculty of Law, BİLGEN was registered to the Turkish Bar Association with the number 372 in 1971. Andaç BİLGEN started to work in 1973 as an expert on shipowners and seamen contracts, strike and lockout ,regulations in trade unions law in relationship between shipowners and seamen as well as regulating collaborative labour agreements in the Social Affairs Department of Deniz Cargo Line Inc. , the country’s largest maritime trade fleet. Between the years 1976 and 1983, BİLGEN worked both as a lawyer and a consultant in the legal consultancy department. During these years, he also took part in legal research at the University of Salzburg, worked for a solicitor firm in London, consequently attended a legal education and training program on “Contracts and Tort, Peril at Sea/ Salvage” at the University of Canterbury Darwin College for a period of 9 months under the company’s consent and knowledge

In the last quarter of 1982, BİLGEN was appointed as the Insurance and Compensation Directorate where he and his team concluded many outstanding files in both insurance cover, and the renewal works of the Hull & Machinery Insurance as well as Protection & Indemnity of a fleet containing 70 ships. As a result, he and his team provided the PANDI cover of the fleet to enter a member of the in-pool club for the first time with fix bases and huge premium savings. in 1984

In order to establish Turkish P&I insurance, Andac BİLGEN and his team collected data and applied to the relevant Ministries in the beginning of 1984. However Turkish P&I was established in 2014, 30 years after their endeavors.

After his resignation from the company, BİLGEN founded his own law firm under the name “Bilgen Law Office” in Istanbul in September of 1984.

Throughout his professionallife, he has worked as consultant and a lawyer for local and foreign clients in more than fifty countries in relation to the issues of maritime trading, perils at sea, maritime insurance, importation and exportation of all types of vessels, foreign trading, and international purchase and sale contracts.

Andaç BİLGEN known for his communication and relationship skills and problem solving-solution oriented style, he highly believes in team work.